Monday-Tuesday, April 8-9:
Heart of Darkness Literary Criticism Webquest - Work in Writer's Work Bench

Additional Resources:
Literary Criticism Dictionary:

Psychoanalytic Criticism:

Post-Colonial Criticism:

Reader Response Criticism:

Feminist Criticism:

Wednesday, April 10:
Heart of Darkness Book II Due
Begin discussion of HoD as racist novel

Thursday, April 11:
Listen to or watch: 
Chinua Achebe's NPR Interview
TEDTalk:  Don't Misrepresent Africa
TEDTalk:  The Danger of a Single Story
TEDTalk: (WARNING:  Foul language used at the beginning of the clip.  DO NOT watch if you are easily offended.)

Friday, April 12:
Read and answer questions to "How to Write About Africa"

Last week wrap up:  Sonnet notes and practice, justice essay, finish Chapter 8 multiple choice, red room close reading

Jane Eyre: Introduce Symbol Project

Jane Eyre:  Computer Lab:  Online discussion posts, symbol presentation

Sonnet Project-Due February 28

Jane Eyre:  Chapters 16-26 DUE (Quiz, Discussion, Reading)
Jane Eyre:  Finish Chapters 1-10 Quiz, Miss Victorian England Pagaent, Jane Eyre as Victorian Woman

Jane Eyre:  Block Party, Discuss Chapters 1 and 2 (Red Room Analysis, Close Reading)

Jane Eyre: Finish Chapter 2 Discussion and Activity

Sonnets:  Presentation and notes

Jane Eyre:  Chapter 8 Multiple Choice, Chapter 2 Close Reading/Essay Outline
Elements of Gothic Literature: 
Passage Analysis

Elements of Gothic Literature:
Finish passage analysis
The Tell Tale Heart

Women in Victorian Literature
Gallery Walk

Finish Women in Victorian Literature Gallery Walk
Chapters 1-10 Quiz

Jane Eyre Discussion

Most of the information for the Gallery Walk is from  It is an EXCELLENT resource!
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You've finally made it to the last week of Miss Lamb's Super-Intense Writing Boot Camp!  We will re-write 1 essay this week, examine some sample essays, and then write 1 new essay.  Not too bad! :-)

Analyze Belinda passage (Turn prompt into question; Answer question); grade sample Belinda essays

Rewrite Belinda essays; peer grade

Review AP Exam Q3 prompts and sample essays

Write Q3 essay

REMEMBER:  We will begin discussing Jane Eyre next wee
Writing Boot Camp Week Two:  Prose Passage Analysis

Monday:  Review Dickinson/Frost Dark/Night essays, begin analyzing 2006 Q2
Tuesday:  Continue 2006 Q2 passage
Wednesday:  Write 2006 Q2 Essay
Thursday:  Peer grade 2006 Q2 Essay
Friday:  Write prose essay
Hello!  Welcome to the beginning of your last semester of high school!  Shed a tear, celebrate, shrug your shoulders--however you choose to respond, know that we will be buckling down to prepare you for the AP exam in May or your college English/composition courses!  

Here is this week's schedule:

Monday:  Analyze prompt, making graphic organizer
Tuesday:  Examine and score sample essays, go over prompt
Wednesday:  Write essay
Thursday:  Research Paper Review!  (Finally, right?)
Friday:  AP Poetry Prompt
Today we will go over the requirements for your research paper, which is due TOMORROW!

Research Paper Check List

Please turn in the items below in the order listed.  Miss Lamb will have paper clips, staples, etc.
¨  Research paper w/Works Cited (stapled)
¨  Extra Works Cited
¨  Annotated Bibliography¨  Copies of 2 artifacts if poem, song, painting, photograph, etc.

After this, we will return to our discussion of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.  As we read, look for 1 sentence to embody the existential idea you were assigned yesterday!

As we read R&G today, we will be looking for elements of existentialism.
We will start today with two multiple choice practices from R&G.  We will complete them with a time limit first, and then we will go over them together, finding textual evidence for every question.

Then, back to reading!  :-)