Second hour:  Meet in Miss Lamb's room and trek to the computer lab.
Third hour:  Meet in the computer lab.
Fourth Hour:  Meet in Miss Lamb's room for announcements and trek to the computer lab.

Today, we will work on our thesis statements.  

Remember, your thesis statement:
+can be more than one sentence
+must state your theme ("Love" is not a theme.  "Love is all you need" is a theme, however cliche' and awful it may be.)
+must state all three works you are analyzing
Today we will work on our Annotated Bibliographies.  Use the format from the attached document as your guide, making sure you include the MLA citation, notes, and how you will use your source.
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This week we will be in the library working on our research project.
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Good morning!  Today we will go over our research assignment and then we will continue our discussion of the third AP es
Lots to do today!

First, we will listen to TCC presentations.  Then we will finish our Hamlet discussions, followed by a focused free write.  Next, we will begin talking about the Open Ended essay prompts.
Today we will continue our discussion over Hamlet.  

Any time we have left at the end of the hour will be spent going over the Open-Ended AP-Prompt.
Today we will begin our graded discussion over Hamlet.  We will go around the room sharing our favorite quotations and asking each other questions.  Please pay attention and engage your classmates with questions.
Today we will begin wrapping up Hamlet.  After the excitement of last week, we will focus on Hamlet and open-ended AP prompts this week.  

First, we will finish our discussion of cutting Scenes 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Act 4.  Then, we will have time to work on our quote selection and explication for our graded discussion tomorrow.  Here is the assignment:

Hamlet Oral Quotation Presentation and Defense
DIRECTIONS:  You will select a favorite quotation from Hamlet.  The quote should be important and you should be prepared to discuss this passage orally.    You should come to class tomorrow prepared to share your quotation as part of our graded discussion.  In addition, you will be grading your classmates on their presentations, looking for the following items:
     1.       Showed knowledge of the play
     2.       Showed valuable quotation
     3.       Gave a good defense of the quotation in light of the play
     4.       Illuminated my understanding of the play
     5.       Asked or illuminated questions that everyone would like to know

Finally, we will go over the AP prompts that could be used on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.