Elements of Gothic Literature: 
Passage Analysis

Elements of Gothic Literature:
Finish passage analysis
The Tell Tale Heart

Women in Victorian Literature
Gallery Walk

Finish Women in Victorian Literature Gallery Walk
Chapters 1-10 Quiz

Jane Eyre Discussion

Most of the information for the Gallery Walk is from  It is an EXCELLENT resource!
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You've finally made it to the last week of Miss Lamb's Super-Intense Writing Boot Camp!  We will re-write 1 essay this week, examine some sample essays, and then write 1 new essay.  Not too bad! :-)

Analyze Belinda passage (Turn prompt into question; Answer question); grade sample Belinda essays

Rewrite Belinda essays; peer grade

Review AP Exam Q3 prompts and sample essays

Write Q3 essay

REMEMBER:  We will begin discussing Jane Eyre next wee
Writing Boot Camp Week Two:  Prose Passage Analysis

Monday:  Review Dickinson/Frost Dark/Night essays, begin analyzing 2006 Q2
Tuesday:  Continue 2006 Q2 passage
Wednesday:  Write 2006 Q2 Essay
Thursday:  Peer grade 2006 Q2 Essay
Friday:  Write prose essay
Hello!  Welcome to the beginning of your last semester of high school!  Shed a tear, celebrate, shrug your shoulders--however you choose to respond, know that we will be buckling down to prepare you for the AP exam in May or your college English/composition courses!  

Here is this week's schedule:

Monday:  Analyze prompt, making graphic organizer
Tuesday:  Examine and score sample essays, go over prompt
Wednesday:  Write essay
Thursday:  Research Paper Review!  (Finally, right?)
Friday:  AP Poetry Prompt