Today we will wrap up our discussion of Chaucer's "The Wife of Bath's Tale" by go over what women want today versus what the Wife of Bath claims they want in her story.  We will also discuss feminism if we haven't already done so!

Miss Lamb also hopes to give you some time in class to work on the variety of assignments you have:
+Research paper book
+Canterbury Tales presentation
+Barron's Book (Chapters 2 and 3)
We have several items on the menu for today:

First, you should turn in your Grendel/Beowulf essay ASAP.  Either put them in the basket or hand them to Miss Lamb. 

Next, we will discuss your Character Presentation from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.  You will select a character and sign up to present either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Finally, we will go over the close reading assignment we worked on last week.
Miss Lamb will quickly review background information over Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.  Then we will take a few minutes to discuss the section from Faulkner's "Dry September."  FInally, we will use the rest of the class period to complete our close read of the piece.
Hope you brought your Barron's book today!

We will be using close reading strategies that Miss Lamb will go over with us to perform a close reading on a passage from our Barron's books.  :-)

But first we will watch two video clips from the History Teachers channel on YouTube.  One is about the bubonic plauge, set to Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl."  The other is about Chaucer's Canterbury Tales set to the Mama's and the Papa's "California Dreamin'."
Today we will be listening to a presentation from the counselors about college!  YAY!  :-)
Remember, today your forms, supplies, books, etc. are due!

First, we will go over the features of your Barron's books.  If you do not have yours, take note and follow along with a friend.  We will also discuss the structure of the AP exam.

Next, we will review background information on the Canterbury Tales and receive a packet and assignment associated with them.

Finally, we will have a little time in class to review existentialism, read Grendel and prepare for our essay that will be due MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2012.
Today is a day for wrapping up any loose ends before we begin reading something new next week. 

First, we will finish the tone words project.  Some of the heirarchies have been created, but today we will finish creating those and then we will copy down all of the definitions into our packets.

Next, Miss Lamb will give a brief talk about existentialism. 

Finally, you will continue or finish reading chapters 11 and 12 of Beowulf.  If we have time, Miss Lamb will discuss your essay assignment.  However, even if we do not get that far, as you read, you should be looking for DIFFERENCES IN THE DEPICTION OF BEOWULF IN BOTH STORIES.
Tonight is OPEN HOUSE!  Bring your parents so they can see the marvelous work you have done!  (Your tone words will be on the wall tonight!)

Today each one of you will present and explaing your tone words.  As you explain, your classmates will be completing the information on their charts about your word.  You will also be copying down the definitions other classes have prepared.

Time permitting, we will create a heirarchy of words, using the categories of:  POSITIVE, NEGATIVE, NEUTRAL and any others you deem appropriate. 
Because today is PICTURE DAY and we will not be in class for the entire hour, we will have any time we are in class to work on any of the following assignments:
Please notice that Calculus, Environmental Science, Latin, and/or Underwater Basketweaving are not on this list--PLEASE work on AP LITERATURE assignments--or risk losing work days...

REMEMBER:  You need your Barron's book by NEXT MONDAY!
Today we will discuss and go over Part Two of your Beowulf reading assignment.  You will also have time at the end of class to create your multiple choice questions.

REMEMBER:  You need your Barron's book by NEXT MONDAY!