Monday-Tuesday, April 8-9:
Heart of Darkness Literary Criticism Webquest - Work in Writer's Work Bench

Additional Resources:
Literary Criticism Dictionary:

Psychoanalytic Criticism:

Post-Colonial Criticism:

Reader Response Criticism:

Feminist Criticism:

Wednesday, April 10:
Heart of Darkness Book II Due
Begin discussion of HoD as racist novel

Thursday, April 11:
Listen to or watch: 
Chinua Achebe's NPR Interview
TEDTalk:  Don't Misrepresent Africa
TEDTalk:  The Danger of a Single Story
TEDTalk: (WARNING:  Foul language used at the beginning of the clip.  DO NOT watch if you are easily offended.)

Friday, April 12:
Read and answer questions to "How to Write About Africa"

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