If seems like forever since we have had the opportunity to discuss Hamlet, but today is the day!

We will first examine Claudius's soliloquy in Act 3, Scene 3.  We will work in small groups to understand the meaning, and then work to cut 2/3 or the text. 

Following this, we will examine the first four scenes of Act 4, doing the same thing, but on a much broader scale.  Each group will cut the section and then act it out, relying on the other groups to determin if it is accurate or not.

In accordance with the outline we created together a few weeks ago, today you will have the class period to work on any of the variety of assignments we have.  Whether you work on your Hamlet study guides, your secondary Shakespearean play, your fever chart, or your research project, the only requirement is that you are actually WORKING!  Talking about what you are going to wear to the homecoming dance is unacceptable, as is texting your mom, aunt, uncle, cousin, boy/girl friend, dog, etc.  Please use your time wisely in class to that Miss Lamb is incentivized to continue offering work days periodically throughout the semester!

Thanks!  Have a geeky day!  :-)
First on today's agenda, we will discuss the 2009 AP Prompt which we began analyzing on Friday.  You will have the opportunity to share the things you noticed, in addition to gathering information from your clssmates.  After this, we will examine the scoring rubric and read and score three sample essays.

During the last half of class, we will attempt to go into the computer lab so that you have a preliminary research day to look for possibilities for your other two artifacts. 
Today we will work in pairs to annotate the selection from Shakespeare's Richard III.  We will spend about 20 minutes working on annotating, with our ultimate product being an introductory paragraph and thesis statement.  The passage can be found on the second page of the document linked below.

Today is a research project day.  Examining the thematic list from your initial research project assingment sheet as well as your research project book, you will be creating a product (due Friday) of five quotes that support your theme.  Use your class time today to explore your book and document your quotes.  For each quote, you will need to explain how it supports the theme you select. 

Remember--there is a difference between THEME as a TOPIC and a THEMATIC STATEMENT.  You will start with a theme as a topic and develop it into a statement--what is your book saying about your chosen

Also, you will work on a Major Works Data Sheet for you novel/play, due FRIDAY!

Tomorrow, Miss Lamb will check your Hamlet Acts II and III Study Guide, and we will discuss/go over/explore these two acts.

Miss Lamb will be gone for second and third hours today, so you will be annotating Hamlet's soliloquy in Act 2, Scene 2.  You may do so on the soliloquy packet she passed out or on a separate piece of paper.  Please make sure you turn it into the basket before you leave!
Today we will be working on a multiple choice practice from Shakespeare's Richard II. We will have 10 mintues to answer the 9 questions and then we will go over it together, justifying our answers with EVIDENCE FROM THE TEXT.  After this, we will have time to finish working in pairs on our translations of Polonius's speech to Laertes.
On today's agenda, we will be finishing Act 1, Scene 2.  Then we will read Act 1, Scene 3.  We will examine the familial relations between Polonius, Ophelia, and Laertes. 
(KARIS--here's your shout out because you're not here! Good luck at FMP!)
Finally!  Today we will do some reading of Hamlet together!  We will also discuss what we have read.

Tomorrow, we will examine soliloquys and the advice Polonius gives to his son Laertes in Act I, Scene 3.
Today we will finish up our background information on Hamlet and then we will participate in an interactive anticipation guide pertaining to the themes of the work.