Today's warm-up should be a little bit fun!  You've survived your first full week of your senior year, so let's lighten up the mood.  :-)  Stereotypically, teachers ask you to write about what you did over summer vacation at some point during the first few days of school.  We're going to play off that--today, you will spend your warm-up time (let's try 7 minutes this time!) writing about the things you DISLIKED about summer vacation.  What went wrong?  What did you hope to do but didn't?  We are not trying to dwell on the negative, but hopefully to make light of those situations now that we have gone through them. 

REMEMBER:  During free writing time, your pen or pencil should be moving the ENTIRE time.  If you are stumped, write the same thing you just wrote until you come up with something to say.

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