After we have a quick discussion over today's bellwork, we will quickly write a summary of the Native American memoir excerpt that we read. 

OBJECTIVE:  Summarize your Native American memoir so Miss Lamb can check your understanding.

CCSS:  Reading Literature 2. Provide an objective summary of the text.

Next we will get into our groups and discuss the excerpts.  You should appoint one person to be the GROUP FACILITATOR, who will guide the questioning and discussion point of your conversation and one person as a NOTE-TAKER, who will keep track of what your group talks about.  You will be specifically looking for instances of the following:
+Has the character encountered stereotyping?  If so when and what happened?  How did he or she deal with it?
+Do you see any evidence of a "single story" In this piece?  If so, when and how?
+Does this piece challenge any previous notions of "single stories" that you may have?  Why and how?
+What did you like about this excerpt?  Would you want to read the rest of the piece of literature?

OBJECTIVE:  Participate in a productive group discussion over the Native American memoir excerpts you read.

CCSS:  Speaking & Literature. SL11-12.1  Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions with diverse partners.

Finally, we will go over the study guide that Miss Lamb has created for your Native American Literature Exam that we will take tomorrow!

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