Life Studies Essay:
Use the following guidelines to prepare to write your essay:

Write down and properly format an MLA Citation for your book

Write an introduction that tells us: 
          • who this person (or group) is that you read about
          • why you read about him or her (or them)
          • what this person (or group) is known for
          • why the person (or group) is important (not just to you, but to others)

Identify the major challenges or obstacles this person (or group) faced during life or the time you read about. Describe and discuss these challenges or obstacles in separate paragraphs. Be sure you: 
          •   Establish a clear and effective focus in each paragraph
          •   Provide examples from the book. 
          •   Explain how these examples relate to your main idea.

Discuss the strategies this person (or group) used to overcome these challenges or obstacles. Be sure to include examples and to explain how these strategies helped them overcome the obstacles and eventually succeed.

Write a concluding paragraph in which you identify and discuss those lessons you learned from this person’s life and how those might relate to your own life now or in the future.  Also include any obvious similarities or differences you noticed between the two people that might be of some significance to you.

o   Organizational Structure
          o   Introduction
          o   Several Body Paragraphs
          o   Conclusion
o   Discussion of 2 books
o   Relation of yourself to people
o   Relation of people to each other


OBJECTIVE:  Demonstrate our understanding and application of two different stories to our own lives through a compare/contrast essay.

CCSS:  Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information presented in different media or formats.       

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