After we finish up our vocabulary (both copying the words and writing our sentences), we will then move on to our Life Skills book.  Today, you will be writing a brief summary of your book.  It is due at the end of the hour.  Your summary should consist of the following things:

At the top of your paper, create an MLA citation for your book.  If you forgot what an MLA citation should look like, use the following example as your guide.

Henley, Patricia.  The Hummingbird House.  Denver:  MacMurray, 1999.  Print.

Next, answer the following questions using as much direct information from your book as you can:
First, write an intruduction that explains:
     -who the person (or group) is that you read about
     -why you read about him or her (or them)
     -what this person (or group) is known for
     -why the person (or group) is important (not just to you, but to others as well)

Next, write AT LEAST 1 PARAGRAPH in which you identify the major challenges or obstacles this person (or group) faced during their life or during the time covered in their book.  Describe and discuss these challenges or obstacles in separate paragraphs, if necessary.  Also, include the strategies this person (or group) used to overcome challenges or obstacles.  Include examples to explain how these strategies helped them overcome their obstacles.

Next, Miss Lamb will give you a study guide for your Life Skills essay, which will combine the two books you read.  Look over it and be prepared for your essay on THURSDAY!

OBJECTIVE:  Summarize our second life skills book in preparation for our in-class essay on Thursday.

CCSS:  Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information presented in different media or formats.                           

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