Welcome to your first day in Miss Lamb's class!  Today we will go over the syllabus.  Hang onto your copy because you never know when Miss Lamb will give you extra credit for having it with you!  As we go through the syllabus, we will cover procedures and expectations for the class. 

We wil also create cards with symbols representing ourselves.  We will explain our symbols as we introduce ourselves.  Be creative and neat because the symbol cards will be on display in the hallway!  In addition to creating your symbol card, you will write an explanation of why you chose the symbol and how it is representative of you.

If you have your summer assignment, please turn it in, if not, the last day I will take them is August 31--a week from tomorrow.  Make sure you meet this deadline in order to stay enrolled in the class!

Objective:  Review syllabus and get to know each other.

CCSS:  Writing: 11-12.10: Write for a range of tasks and purposes.
AP Literature Syllabus
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Symbol Cards Assignment
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