Your first rough draft, of at least 3 pages is due today!  Hip hip hooray!

Miss Lamb would like to spend time conferencing with each one of you to make sure we are all on right track.  While Miss Lamb is calling you up to her desk, you will be editing two of your classmates' papers.  Not two at the same time, but two during the duration of the class.  The following list of guidelines will help you provide constructive comments to your peers.  Answer the questions on a sheet of paper, share with the person whose paper you read, and have them sign off on your comments.

Composition Questions:
1.  What is the theme of the paper?  Is the theme clearly stated in the thesis statement?  Remember, theme is expressed in a statement, not just a word.
2.  What three works will the author compare/contrast?
3.  Is an organizational structure apparent or developing?  How is the paper organized?  (piece by piece, topic, etc.)
4.  Are the sentences and points being made clear?  Choose one place where the argument is weak.  Where?  How can it be helped?  
5.  What idea or ideas do you take away after reading this paper?  What is memorable to you?

Conventions Questions:
1.  Does the paper use Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced throughout?
2.  Is the paper free of any spelling, punctuation, capitalization, or grammar errors?  Correct them on the paper.
3.  Are there sources that are directly quoted?  What are they?  Do they include parenthetical documentation and coincide with works on the Works Cited page?

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