No warm-ups, but here's the plan:

Second hour:  Meet in Miss Lamb's room and trek to the computer lab.
Third hour:  Meet in the computer lab.
Fourth Hour:  Meet in Miss Lamb's room for announcements and trek to the computer lab.

Get ready to go to the library, if we are not already meeting there.
What is your experience with research?
Presentation from TCC
Each class yesterday had some insightful perspectives and opinions of Hamlet.  Reflecting back on yesterday, what surprised you?  What any comments or remarks left a lasting impression or challenged your understanding of the play?  Why?
Instead of having a written assignment, we will prepare for our in class discussion.  Situate yourselves in a general circle-ish shape and be prepared to discuss the quote you researched yesterday.  Also, if you have any general questions about the book, we will cover those as well.  
We've explored whether or not we think Hamlet is crazy, now take a moment to reflect on Ophelia's insanity or sanity.  Use the text to support your answers!
Hamlet goes mad, or at least pretends to go mad--critics have never agreed on whether his madness is real or faked.  If Hamlet if faking, he is doing an excellent job:  during one with Ophelia, he tells her to go to a convent, says everyone is a criminal, orders her to lock her father inside, and, finally, tells her that wise men understand that women are adulterers.  

Imagine you want to convince someone that you've gone insane.  Write a mad monologue for yourself.  You will have 8 minutes to complete this activity.  Ready...set...WRITE!