If you were casting a movie version of Hamlet, which actor would you choose to play Hamlet?  Why?  (Don't choose one of the actors we have watched!)
We have closely examined several of Hamlet's soliloquies at this point in the play.  In a soliloquy, characters think out loud, pouring out their private thoughts.  Modern movies and plays don't use soliloquies much, but they do employ similar devices.  What are some soliloquy-like devices?  Write about a few examples of them from movies or plays you've seen recently.
As we read Zen Shorts by Jon J. Muth, be looking for places where the illustrations change.  Why does the author choose to represent his book this way?  If this effective?  Which of the "Zen shorts" is your favorite?  Why?

Your warm-up today will be the Senior Presentation from Josten's.
Today we will review your vocabulary for our warm-up and then we will begin the background information for The Crucible.

Please make sure you turn in your 12 sentences before we go to the computer lab.
Today's bellwork will not be in your notebook, so it does not count toward our count. You will grab a Red Ribbon Week survey from the front of the room (by the green folders). Answer all the questions to the best of your ability. We will then go over the answers.

If you need to take picture retakes--let Miss Lamb know!
Using the following list of themes and your research project book to spend a few minutes doing a free association with you theme and any other connections you make.  Your connections can be related to literature or
Themes to Consider:
Aging                    Alienation                Ambition            Appearance and Reality            Apprenticeship
Awakenings        Battle of the Sexes    Beauty            Betrayal                                        Breaking Barriers    
Community        Courage                    Crime and Punishment        Crisis of Faith            Desire of Immortality
Duty (Filial Piety)    Ecstatic Experience (religious/spiritual/physical)    Fall from Innocence
Family: Structures, Struggles                Father and Son/Daughter        Fear                        Freedom
Happiness        Jealousy                    Loneliness            Love            Loyalty                    Nature of Creativity
Nature of Evil    Perseverance            Prejudice            Romantic Love       Search for God
Search for Knowledge                    Strength of the Human Spirit        Suffering            Truth
Utopia and Anti-utopias                Visions of War

Too much to talk about = no warm-up.

You're welcome.  We will start again after Fall Break.
Good morning and happy Friday! 

For your bellwork today, you will be compiling every warm-up activity you have done (not counting vocabulary handouts) and number them, starting with the earliest first and numbering through yesterday.  If your warm-ups are in a jumbled mess, please put them in order to the best of your ability and CLEARLY number them.

Also, if you have your Hamlet Act One Study Guide questions, please get them out as well so that Miss Lamb can check them when she checks your warmups.