In order to prepare for your Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow (you didn't forget did you???) Use your vocabulary words to complete the following sentences:  (and, yes, you should write the ENTIRE SENTENCE!)

1.  The _____ argument that raged in the office for days was not _____ to getting work done.
        provincial/petulant        impetuous/provincial        petulant/protracted        protracted/conducive

2.  Can we ______ from the uproar in the newspapers that the senator has refused to ______ his controversial statement?
        retract/induce            deduce/retract                        evince/deduce            retract/evince

3.  What was the ______ for the supposedly _____ hockey team's decision not to play in the playoff game?
        conviction/induce        impetus/invincible            impetus/petulant            provincial/retract

4.  Sam became so _____ that he ran away and climbed a tree, and nothing could _____ him to come down.
        protracted/intractable        conducive/evince        petulant/induce            provincial/retract

5.  Nothing _____ Ben's tendency to act without thinking more than his _____ decision to become a daredevil pilot.
        evinces/impetuous            retracts/impetuous        induces/intractable        deduces/provincial

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