Good morning!  Today you will need to do your warm-up on a separate piece of paper as you will be handing it in very soon.  

Using your Life Studies book (and a previous warm-up), at the top of your paper, create an MLA citation for your book.  If you forgot what an MLA citation should look like, use the following example as your guide.

Henley, Patricia. The Hummingbird House. Denver: MacMurray, 1999. Print.

Next, answer the following questions using as much direct information from your book as you can:
 First, write an introduction that tells us:
     -who this person (or group) is that you read about
     -why you read about him or her (or them)
     -what this person (or group) is known for
     -why the person (or group) is important (not just to you, but to others)

Next, write AT LEAST 1 paragraph in which you identify the major challenges or obstacles this person (or group) faced during life or the time you read about. Describe and discuss these challenges or obstacles in separate paragraphs, if necessary. Also include the strategies this person (or group) used to overcome challenges or obstacles.  Include examples to explain how these strategies helped them overcome the obstacles.


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