Good morning and welcome back from Fall Break!  Hope you are well reseted and ready to get back to work!

After reading your essays, one thing that we can improve upon is our punctuation and capitalization of titles.  Because of this, there is a handout going over the punctuating of titles by the first hour basket.  Please grab one, and use it in completing the following:

Write examples of each of the following.  Make sure you correctly punctuate them.  You may use your phones or resources around the room to find names for each of the following catetories.

1.  song
2.  magazine title
3.  article in a magazine
4.  movie
5.  book
6.  poem
7.  chapter

Make sure you bring your memoir/biography/non-fiction book tomorrow--we will have time to read in class!  Your book should be read by November 12!

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