Happy New Year and New Semester to each and every one of you!  I am sorry that I  couldn't be with you  yesterday, but we will kick off the semester today instead.  Grades start over now--well, starting yesterday--so remember that as you make sure to turn in everything assigned!  No last minute scrambling this semester!

Now, onto your first warm-up of the new semester!  At this time of the year, so many people are talking about resolutions.  Some of you probably have some and are sticking to them, while others may have already abandoned your new projects.  What I want you to think and write about today is why we are on a never ending quest to change our lives around.  Why do you think new year's resolutions are such a big deal?  Why don't people resolve to change on June 3rd or December 16th?  What is it about the new year?  

The expectation is that you will write for AT LEAST 5 minutes straight.  I'll set the timer and then you may begin (or continue!).  As high school juniors, approaching your senior year, 5 minutes should produce more than 1 or 2 sentences.  You should be able to write AT LEAST half a page!  Again, remember that if you get stuck, you should just write the same thing again until something new comes to you!

Ready, set...WRITE!

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