What is a hero?

Who do you think is the "hero" in The Crucible?  Why?
Welcome to Finals Week!  We will first work to wrap up The Crucible, but for a short time on Wednesday we will review for your final (if you are taking it!).

In preparation for your final, what do you hope Miss Lamb asks about?  What do you hope she leaves out?  Is looking back on the semester, what have you learned?  What did you miss?
What do the following list of items have in common?  (You do not need to write the words, just the answers.)

1.  your voice, your hand, your children
2.  yellow, scarlet, cabin
3.  year, address, scrap
4.  window, center, aisle
5.  water, watch, eiffel
6.  water, flower, bunk
7.  Walt Disney, a computer store, Hanna Barbera
8.  vocalists, golf course, appliance stores
9.  vegetable, mineral, motor
10.  turtle, sea, taco
When writing an essay, what vocabulary do you use to describe its structure?  List as many of them as you can think of, and explain their use.
Complete the sentences around the room.  You do not have to write the sentences, just the words and their corresponding numbers.
Quick Write Brainstorm:

What is McCarthyism?  How does it relate to The Crucible?  Tell me everything you know!  

Ready, set, write...
Good morning!  Before we begin Vocabulary set #13 today, I'd like for use to brainstorm and predict words that use this week's roots.  Also, if you have any ideas what the roots might mean, you may make some predictions.  We will return to these after we copy down all our words and defintions!

This week's roots are:

What words do you know that have these word parts?  What could these roots mean?  

In order to cheer up this dreary day, we are going to write nice little notes to each other.  We've done this before, so remember our guidelines--write compliments or notes of encouragement to your classmates.  Try not to send shallow messages ("I like your hair"), but complement genuine things about those people. Write 3-5 notes, depending on how time allows.  Try not to write them to people you normally sit with!

Yay for 15 minute reading days!  Today we will kick off class by reading our life studies books for 15 minutes.  Remember to bring your book on Monday so we can begin working on our synthesis assignment.  It would also be helpful to have any notes or warm-ups you've taken over the other book you've read.

When you finish, take a few moments to write in your notebook about what you've read.  Next week you will be writing about what you learned from these two books that could be applicable in your own lives, so keep that in mind as you record your reading.
First Warm-Up of a new set!  Your notebooks are back in the basket at the front of the room.

Today you will be practicing your vocabulary by visiting stations around the room and determining which words best complete the sentences.