Congratulations!  You've made it through week 1 of 4 before Winter Break!  Now only 15 days of school stand between you and two weeks of utter joy!  :-)

However, until then, today you need to organize your warm-ups.  Each one should have a number corresponding to the following dates:  

20:  11/29
19:  11/28
18:  11/27
17:  11/26
16:  11/20
15:  11/19
14:  11/15
13:  11/13
12:  11/9
11:  11/8
10:  11/7
9:  11/6
8:  11/5
7:  11/1
6:  10/30
5:  10/29
4:  10/26
3:  10/25
2:  10/22
1:  10/15

When you have correctly numbered your warm-ups, please staple them together, write your name on the upper left corner, and turn them into the basket!  Thanks!
Another reading day!  Hip hip hooray!  :-)  (Also, since this is our 20th warm-up, we will be turning them in tomorrow!  Another yay!)

Today we will read for 15 minutes.  You will have time in class to read next week, but you are expected to finish your second book by December 10, 2012.  We will be completing a synthesis project involving both books at this point.

After we read for 15 minutes, take a moment to reflect back on the first book you read.  How is this book similar or different?  Your responses should be in paragraph form and be as detailed as you can make them.
Today we will practice our vocabulary words in a slightly different manner.

Around the room are several fill in the blank sentences.  It is up to you to determine which words from your vocabulary list fit into each blank.  Write the word and coordinating number in your bellwork.
Today's bellwork is a reading day!  We will read for 15 minutes, and then in the same spirit of The Crucible, we will write about a conflict (or conflicts) the person about whom you are reading has faced.  Ready...set...READ!

P.S.  You only have 3 more in class reading days to finish your books!  :-)  
The Crucible Act I Review:
Think back to everything we have read thus far.  If you had to select the top five most important events or moments, what would they be?  List them here--be as specific as you can!
Thanksgiving Break starts tomorrow!  Be thankful!

Today for our warm-up we will read for 15 minutes.  Then we will take about 5 minutes to determine what the person featured in your book would be grateful for this Thanksgiving.  You may write in list or sentence form, but you must write for the entire 5 minutes.  Be creative and put yourself in your character's shoes!
Copy the following quote and react to it.  Consider both your own life and what we have read so far from The Crucible.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”  --Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy Friday!  Your mission today is to review your vocabulary words in preparation for your quiz!  Also, if you did not finish your quotation quiz over Act I of The Crucible, you can work on it before or after your vocabulary quiz.
Your warm-up today is to write a summary over what you read in your Life Studies book.  Even though Miss  Lamb wasn't here, it is still your responsibility to get this assignment finished.
Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! Today we will begin class with vocabulary practice. You will have 15 minutes... Ready, set, GO!