Today's warm-up should be a little bit fun!  You've survived your first full week at the high school, so let's lighten up the mood.  :-)  Stereotypically, teachers ask you to write about what you did over summer vacation at some point during the first few days of school.  We're going to play off that--today, you will spend your warm-up time (let's try 7 minutes this time!) writing about the things you DISLIKED about summer vacation.  What went wrong?  What did you hope to do but didn't?  We are not trying to dwell on the negative, but hopefully to make light of those situations now that we have gone through them. 

REMEMBER:  During free writing time, your pen or pencil should be moving the ENTIRE time.  If you are stumped, write the same thing you just wrote until you come up with something to say.
In order to prepare for your Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow (you didn't forget did you???) Use your vocabulary words to complete the following sentences:  (and, yes, you should write the ENTIRE SENTENCE!)

1.  The _____ argument that raged in the office for days was not _____ to getting work done.
        provincial/petulant        impetuous/provincial        petulant/protracted        protracted/conducive

2.  Can we ______ from the uproar in the newspapers that the senator has refused to ______ his controversial statement?
        retract/induce            deduce/retract                        evince/deduce            retract/evince

3.  What was the ______ for the supposedly _____ hockey team's decision not to play in the playoff game?
        conviction/induce        impetus/invincible            impetus/petulant            provincial/retract

4.  Sam became so _____ that he ran away and climbed a tree, and nothing could _____ him to come down.
        protracted/intractable        conducive/evince        petulant/induce            provincial/retract

5.  Nothing _____ Ben's tendency to act without thinking more than his _____ decision to become a daredevil pilot.
        evinces/impetuous            retracts/impetuous        induces/intractable        deduces/provincial

Yesterday, Miss Lamb introduced us to our Culture Bag assignment.  Let's take five minutes or so to brainstorm items that we could use to explain our cultures.  Webbing, free writing, free association are all methods to develop your ideas.

Ready...set...WRITE!  :-)
As soon as Miss Lamb takes attendance, we will go to the gym for Junior Orientation.

REMEMBER:  Your "Where I'm From" poem is DUE FRIDAY.  Bring it to class tomorrow so we can work on it.  Your poem must be typed, and if it includes pictures, you will earn extra credit.
Good morning!

For today's Warm-Up, you will need a scrap piece of paper. You will not be turning this in, however it will be necessary for you to complete an activity later in class.

Today we will be exploring our writing domains.  Writing domains are things or ideas in your life that you would say represent who you are.  This list can be used a resource for writing topics in the future.  There is a list of different areas below.

Miss Lamb's list of writing domains would go something like this:
I am Copernicus and Lucy.
I am bratwurst and Haribo.
I am coffee cake.
I am German pancakes.
I am Brooks Adrenalines.
Welcome back!

Yesterday we created symbol cards as metaphors for ourselves.  Today, we will be developing a single word to guide us through this year--a theme or mission for the year.  It should be a word that you can focus on, meditate on, and reflect upon as you go about your daily life.

What single word can you identify that sums up what you want for yourself this academic year?  

It can be something tangible or intangible.  It can be a though or a feeling or an emotion.  It can be singular or plural.  The key is to finding something that has personal meaning for you.  This is not your mother's word or your best friend's word or your teacher's word--this is YOUR word.

On the square of paper Miss Lamb gave you as you entered class, write your word down.  Illustrate it.  Go beyond a simple pen and paper line drawing.  We will hang these across the hall from our symbol cards.

Also, just like yesterday, write a substantial paragraph explaining why you chose the word and how you will follow through with it this year.

(modified from Ali Edwards)
GOOD MORNING!  Welcome to Miss Lamb's Class!  

We will begin each day with a Warm-Up activity.  Your Warm-Up will either be on the SmartBoard, one of the white boards, or a slip of paper.  You are to begin working on it BEFORE the bell rings to be counted on time.  When you get your composition notebook, you will record your Warm-Ups in it.

Today's Warm Up is a little different though...

What you need to do today, is line up in alphabetical order by your first names.

Not only must you remember your alphabet and try to determine your classmates' names, you must also do it WITHOUT TALKING.

Ready, set, GO!