Good morning!  In keeping with our practical application of transcendentalism, read and copy the two sentence starters below.  Then complete the sentence, providing insight into life.

Nothing great was ever achieved without ..

Nothing can bring you peace but...
Good morning!  We've studied various excerpts of transcendental literature, now we will apply thos ideas to our lives.  Think of an example of each of the five tenets of transcendentalism.  For each one, think of an incident or situation as well as a person who represents each idea.
Good morning!  Yesterday we talked about Henry David Thoreau, who went to live in solitude for a year at Walden Pond.  Thoreau's mission was to live minimally.  If you were to undertake the same mission, what 5 essential items would you bring?  Why?  Be descriptive and write in complete sentences!
Good morning!  Because of the GREAT reviews you received from the substitute on Friday, instead of having a warm-up this morning, you will have 15 minutes to work on/wrap up your vocabulary or your transcendentalism analysis.  If you have finished all of these assignments, you have 15 minutes to catch up on other work!  

Thank you for being great on Friday!
Good morning! We are going to review our vocabulary words by writing rhymin couplets that will reveal their definitions. A rhyming couplet is simply a two line poem that rhymes. You may choose to make your couplets a riddle, not including the word in the text, or the word may be part of the couplet. Use the index cards at your table to write your best verse to share with Miss Lamb and the class!
Good morning!  I hope you are well rested after yesterday's observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!  

Today we will continue our discussion of transcendentalism by exploring five of its basic tenets:
Examine each one of these words or phrases.  What do they mean to you?  Define each term in your own words and provide an example from your own life for each of them.
Commonyms!  Look at the following list of words and determine the common factor!

1.  blood, fox, basset
2.  blood, ink blot, multiple choice
3.  blue, brick, swiss
4.  great, tropical, clinical
5.  green, rocky, everest
6.  greeting, playing, time
7.  hand, baby, calamine
8.  hare, cottontail, bunny
9. heaven, graceland, airports
10. multiple, daily, chewable
Pin the tail on the aphorism!

Copy the first half of the following sentence into your notebook, then come up with a way to complete the sentence.  You should develop several such sentences.

Freedom is not the right to live as we please, but...

First, a quick write:

What do you think it means to transcend? Have you heard the word before? When and where? What do you think it means?Looking at the meaning of transcend, what do you think the word transcendental means? Make some predictions!

Now, something a little more fun:

You will have exactly 4 minutes to rearrange of TRANSCENDENTALISM to create as many words as you can. The person with the most words wins!

Ready, set... THINK!
Today's warm-up will focus on vocabulary, but it will not count toward your bell work count.

Get out a piece of paper and fold it into three columns.  Head the three columns as follows:  Word, Image, Synonyms.  Start filling out your columns.

When you finish, let Miss Lamb check them and get out your Declaration of Independence paper.