DUE TODAY:  "Where I'm From" Poem due before you leave and "Culture Bag" due digitally by midnight

Today is a big day!  Not only are your first major assignments due, it is also the day of your first vocabulary quiz!  YAY!  :-)  As you finish your quiz, you should begin your second set of vocabulary terms as seen below.  Follow the model Miss Lamb gave you at the beginning of the year to complete the next set.

This week's words and roots are as follows:

FRACT/FRING/FRANG:  fractious, infraction, infringe
CIS: excise, incisive, concise
TOM: tome, epitome, dichotomy, anatomy
PUNCT:  compunction, punctilious, pungent

OBJECTIVE:  Today we will assess our learning of last week's vocabulary terms and  expand our vocabulary through learning 4 roots and 13 words using those roots.

CCSS:  Language 4. Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and 
phrases by using context clues and analyze meaningful word parts. 

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