Before we can begin today's agenda, we must first finish yesterday's tasks.  We will pick up where we left off and quickly review the syllabus and any questions you may have about the course.

Today we will begin our Greek and Latin roots vocabulary study.  Using the template Miss Lamb gives you in class (and that is attached below), complete your vocabulary index cards.  Miss Lamb will periodically check your index cards so make sure you keep them with you and that they are complete.  Each Friday (or Thursday), we will learn 3-5 new roots and 10-15 words to accompany them.  The following week, usually on the next Friday, we will test on our new words, as well as all of the words and roots we have learned so far. 

This week's roots and words are as follows:

VINC/VICT:  invincible, provincial, evince
DUC/DUCT:  conducive, induce, deduce
TRACT:  protracted, intractable, retract
PETO:  petulant, impetuous, impetus

OBJECTIVE:  Today we will expand our vocabulary through learning 4 Latin roots and 12 words using those roots.

CCSS:  Language 4. Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and
phrases by using context clues and analyze meaningful word parts.
Greek and Latin Roots Vocabulary
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