Our focus this week will be on applying the transcendental ideas we read about to our current lives. 

Transcendentalism:  Stations of the Pond

Transcendentalism: Stations of the Pond

Transcendentalism in Music:  Listened to Video by india.arie and another song, finding transcendental elements in both.  Working in groups on our second songs, we wrote paragraphs explaining the transcendentalism in each.

Finish Transcendentalism in Music.
Begin Transcendentalism Soundtrack

Vocabulary Quiz #17
Begin Vocabulary Unit #18
Work on Transcendentalism Soundtrack
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Go over vocabulary from Friday  (Turn in before you leave today please!)
Transcendentalism:  Read and annotate excerpts from Self-Reliance and Nature

Transcendentalism:  Stations of the Pond

Transcendentalism:  Exploring Thoreau and Walden's writing styles

Vocabulary #16 Quiz
Begin Vocabulary #17

To continue studying Greek and Latin roots to further our understanding of vocabulary.  (CCSS

CCSS RI.11-12.

To explore the concepts of Transcendentalism through Transcendentalist writers such as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson.  To examine, analyze, define, and mimic their writing styles.

CCSS RI.11-12.4: Determine two or more themes or central ideas of a text and analyze their development over the course of the text, including how they interact and build on one another to produce a complex account.

Today we will begin Vocabulary Set #15, and then we will complete our study of the Declaration of Independence.
In keeping with the theme of resolutions, we will be examining several of them over the next two days.  First we will start by looking at Ben Franklin and his almanac.  Using the information Miss Lamb gives you in class, please complete the steps.  When most of us have completed our study of Ben Franklin's Autobiography and Almanac, we will then move onto the Declaration of Independence.  We will watch Miss Lamb's Prezi and complete several activities. 

Declaration of Independence Prezi:  http://prezi.com/a4bsccdpzevn/declaration-of-independence/?auth_key=111af920076b1dd3bb8b4abae8eb06bb6c3c5edb&kw=view-a4bsccdpzevn&rc=ref-2124984

OBJECTIVE:  Examine how the virtues Ben Franklin describes in his autobiography still have relevance today.

CCSS RL.11-12.9:  Demonstrate knowledge of eighteenth century foundational works of American literature.