Welcome back to school!  I hope you enjoyed your three-day weekend.  The next one happens in two weeks.  :-)

Today we will be starting two elements of AP literature that you will use as reference points throughout the year. 

First, you will recieve a copy of "AP Literary Terms."  It's 11 pages long, and don't worry, you do not have to memorize it word for word!  However, you should be familiar with the terms and able to apply them.  You will be using these terms on Thursday for our Passage Analysis.  Do not lose them!  (You should put them in your binder under "Notes")

Second, we will begin our Major Works Data Sheet.  For this assignment, you will be completing two of them--one for the book you chose for your summer assignment and second one for another book of literary merit you have read in school.  If you can choose a book from junior year, that woud be even better.  These sheets will serve as a reviewing tool when we are closer to the test.  We will be completing them for every major work we study. 
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